December 8, 2022

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35 CS:GO players slapped with bans for betting offences

Whoops, turns out betting on your own CS:GO tournament matches will get you in a hell of a lot of trouble with the Esports Integrity Commission. Who knew?

The ESIC has today announced sanctions against 35 Australian CS:GO players who breached its Anti-Corruption Code, hot on the heels of the seven who received sanctions back in October 2020. Two players who were sanctioned last year have also had their bans extended.

Today’s sanctions have been issued for players who bet on matches in ESIC member events, including on their own matches or their team’s matches. The bans range from a “level one” 12-month ban for players who bet on matches, all the way up to a level five 60-month ban for aggravated betting against their own team. (You can find the full list of names and bans here).

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