July 5, 2022

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32 Essential Tips for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity can be daunting at first, especially if you’re not familiar with the chaotic nature of the Dynasty Warriors series.

To quell your fears, check out our roundup of essential Age of Calamity tips and tricks whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player who has already experienced the original Hyrule Warriors.

Beginner Battle Tips

  • You don’t have to capture every outpost. Doing so is great for collecting more materials, building up your special attack, and keeping enemies from following you around the map. That said, most are not required to progress the mission at hand.
  • Weak-point attacks are typically the most powerful. You can perform one when you completely destroy a large enemy’s red weak-point gauge. These are typically more powerful than your special attack, especially late in the game.
  • Save your Sheikah Rune attacks for counters. When you’re fighting a named enemy that you can lock onto, wait for the symbol of a Sheikah Rune to appear above their head, then use the same attack to stun them and force the weak-point gauge to appear.
  • Order your characters to different locations on the map! If there are multiple waypoints on the map, pop open the menu and use the map to drag any additional playable character to any location. This will let you continue doing your own thing while the other character runs off to the point you selected. Once you’re done with whatever objective you were completing, you can switch directly to the other character.
  • Shielding is good, but have you tried to dodge instead? If you dodge at just the right moment, you’ll activate a flurry attack where the enemy slows down and you speed up to deliver several quick attacks in a row. This also exposes the weak-point gauge!
  • If you’re like many of us, you’re probably saving your elemental rods for just the right moment. Don’t do this! Wizzrobes and other elemental based enemies provide ammo for your fire, ice, and electric rods and these enemies appear in nearly every level. Don’t hoard them!
  • Materials, rupees, and chests will fly out after you defeat an enemy or cut up some grass in the environment. Don’t worry about collecting them! They’ll warp to you in a few seconds if you don’t touch them first.
  • Is there too much happening on the mini-map? Click the left control stick to get a zoomed in view!

Before a Battle Tips

  • Each playable character gets a training challenge shortly after being unlocked. Use those fairly simple challenges to give new characters a try. Look at the combo screen and try every single combo. These combos usually consist of hitting Y several times and adding X to the end of a string of Y combos to perform a strong attack. Each one does something different!
  • Need to boost the EXP of a character? Try cooking up a dish that boosts the EXP rate received in a level. There are also recipes for increased damage and faster running speed.
  • Turn on enemy health bars for all the smaller enemies that aren’t named and can’t be locked on to. Just hop into the options menu and switch the slider.
  • Complete quests for additional bonuses and new services! These will let you purchase more materials, fuse weapons, reduce rune recharge time, and plenty more.
  • When you fuse weapons, keep an eye on the seal of the weapon. This will grant that weapon a special attribute like an increase in monster material droppings or a higher damage output to enemies in the air.

Tips for Finding Materials

  • Cut grass and other flora in levels! These will drop materials every so often.
  • Wooden crates and other objects can be destroyed. These will often drop rupees.
  • Before heading into a battle of challenge, look at the battle details screen to see a list of level-specific materials that appear more often.
  • If you unlocked any shops through completing quests, take note that they reset their stock every time you complete a mission or challenge. The materials here don’t change.
  • If you unlocked any stables or merchants by completing quests, take note that not every merchant will appear every time. Play a mission or challenge to essentially reroll your chances of a merchant appearing.
  • Have you seen that glowing rabbit hanging around secluded areas in certain levels. Approaching it will cause it to scamper off, but if you hit it from a distance (with Link‘s arrows, for example) then rupees amounting to 100 will burst out.
  • Get your hands on the Sheikah Sensor! Early in Chapter 2 you’ll unlock the Needed: Researchers! quest. Complete it and you’ll gain the ability to register up to two quests where you’re missing a required material. This will cause levels containing said material to pulsate a green ring. You’ll be notified after completing a level if you have enough of the material to complete the quest! Another quest in Chapter 4 allows you to register up to three quests.
  • There are cooking recipes and weapon seals that boost the drop rate of materials. Look out for these and use them in missions!
  • Be aware, basic chests in missions will reappear whereas the fancier chests with rare materials will not.
  • Later on in Chapter 5, quests will be unlocked that once completed will reduce the price of items in shops.

Korok Searching Tips


  • Koroks can appear as distinct yellow flowers or a pinwheel. They also hid in wooden crates and some even hide behind cracked rocks that can be destroyed with Remote Bombs. Also keep an eye out for rotating Korok balloons!
  • Reach Chapter 4 and you’ll unlock the A Most Peculiar Korok quest. Complete it and the number of Koroks found in each level will appear in the battle details screen.
  • If you need more Korok Seeds for a quest, don’t fret! Some challenges and quests will unlock additional Korok Seeds although this doesn’t happen until later in the game.

Advanced Tips

  • Get in the air! You can continue to perform normal attacks in the air and you can even end with a strong attack by hitting X and slamming back into the ground.
  • You can get in the air by jumping off basically anything. Run into a wall, a rock, a barrel, or whatever you can’t break and hit B twice to get into the air and start gliding. Some strong attacks and Sheikah Rune attacks will boost you up too.
  • Try to hold X when performing certain combos. For some characters, especially for Link, hold X as you perform your strong attack will allow you to perform a second and unique strong attack once you let go.
  • If an enemy has their weak-point gauge exposed, consider activating Stasis to freeze them and give you a few extra seconds to destroy the weak-point gauge. However, some characters have an automatic follow up move for Stasis so it’s not as effective with all characters.
  • Using an elemental rod on an enemy will not only stun it but expose and weaken their weak-point gauge. You can do this at any time, even if the enemy just hid their weak-point gauge. This is great for bosses or massive enemies like Lynels.
  • Learn to parry a Gaurdian’s laser! As the Guardian locks onto you with its red gaze, hold your shield button (L) and wait for it to strike. Just as the laser is about to hit you, hit Y to reflect the laser right back at the monstrous beast.

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